Francesca De Fazi




Delta Duet @The Room Music & Bistrot 19/01/18, Roma

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DELTA DUET in Viterbo on 06/01/18

MAT, Via del Ganfione 16/18 VITERBO  h 21.30


La Via per il 2018!

la vie pour 2018, si elles sont des roses, elles s’épanouiront!


Thanks to 2 special man!

I need to thank these two great believers and friends for my Africa experience. I will always be grateful for giving me opportunity to “bring back the blues to Africa”, as my missing friend Roberto used to say. Arturo Luzzi, invited him first time in Senegal in 2012 , than ambassador in Senegal, now in Ethiopia. He invited me in Senegal too , after Roberto passed away. If probably if Roberto Ciotti was still alive, he could have been here too. That’s why is so important for me to keep playing his music! Plus that I love it!

Fendika Cultural Center

Tonight I’ll be infiltrating the blues once again with Kayn Lab, experimental jazz fusion mixed with Ethiopian rhythms and modes… sounds good!👌

My Ethio Blues Band @ Villaverde

Left to right:

Abiy Woldemariam piano,

Gene Lin , guitar, secial guest

Jonovan Cooper, sax

Dawit Adera ,drums

Here he is, Jeff Dingler, the bassist

No Facebook post please!

Facebook in Ethiopia is blocked, sorry not sorry!

Check out instagram for more Ethiopian tour updates

FDF& Kayn Lab Band @ Villaverde club 15/12/17

Third stage at Villaverde Lounge feat

Francesca De Fazi vocals guitar

Jonovan Cooper (sax & clarinet)

Abiy Woldemariam (piano)

Aawit Adera – drums

Jeff Dingler – bass