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Just got back from my visit to Chicago,amazing!! all i can say the Blues is not a music genre, it’s a life choice!

I had the great play to meet and play with many friends, here i have some pics, maybe i have more stories to tell you at my gigs!


here i am with Luca Giordano(guitar) , Walter Monini (bass), Quique Gomez (harp) before playing at Rosa’s Lounge in Chicago Blues Festival

IMG_3522 Here i am with Mr Billy Branch at Rosa’s

This are the first and last nights at Buddy Guy’s Legends

the thing i like most anyway was singing my song, “Rome Sweet Home” in Chicago, while everybody in the band was saying, “listen, we don’t play “Sweet  home Chicago in this band” it was funny cause they didn’t expect i wanted to sing something about my old city! the joke truly worked, so i am thinking about another, maybe taking me to another adventure, which is what i feel is playing the blues!



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